Dirt Not Copper - Performance & Spoken word Artwork

The hysteric knows no bounds - her fractured voices, traces of speech, traces of her body all disappearing, multiplying, contradictory.

A video made with Richard Brunner of Idion Films http://www.idionfilms.com


‘Performance Dinner No. 5: Woman as Image, Man as bearer of the look’, hosted by Subjectivities & Feminisms Research Group, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, (2013)

‘The Power of Hysteria: Towards Mapping a New Feminine Utopia’, 4th Global Conference - Femininities and Masculinities Conference: A Gender and Sexuality Project, 2nd of May – 4th of May 2014, Lisbon, Portugal: interdisciplinary.net


Maffioletti, C. Dirt and Not Copper (Artwork) In: Gutfreund, K. (ed.) Who’s Afraid of Feminism? New York: Women’s Caucus for Art, (2015). ISN: 1.212.634.007

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