Blood makes Noise - Interactive Performance Artwork

Performance Dinners No.8: The Bankorgs was brought together by Subjectivities & Feminisms Research Group and Maria Paschalidou in response to the financial crises in Greece and the ever lengthening queues for bread in Athens. Each of the 20 artists invited responded to Donna Haraway’s “Cyborg Manifesto” with a 10 minute performance. My response focussed on performing the monstrous hysterical mother as a potential antidote to patriarchal modes of capital. Beginning with the eating a heart and drinking blood. I wrote love letters in Greek inviting audience members to embrace and caress each other and dance together.


‘Performance Dinners No.8: The Bankorgs’, Bios (arts space), Athens, Greece. Curated by Maria Paschalidou and Subjectivities & Feminisms Research Group (2015)

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Preparing the blood.