Cunt Heart - Performance Artwork

We explore reciprocity between women through four moments of sisterhood: the embrace, refusal, violence and edibility.

A multi-media performance artwork commission by Goldsmith’s University. Performed by me and Fauve Bickerstaffe, Lucy Bairstow, live piano by Bryony Conroy, and soundscape and video projection by Richard Brunner of Idion Films


Birkbeck University, Goldsmith’s University, and Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image, RAW: Cannibalism, Feminism, Philosophy & (post-) Psychoanalysis Symposium (12 May 2018)

A Celebration of Women’s Day: ‘Refusing to Play’, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, Subjectivities and Feminisms Research Group, (8th March 2018)

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Cunt Heart

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