A Room of One's Own - Video Artwork

I explored the process of videoing myself through a surveillance camera whilst sewing, as an act of choosing to observe myself as a woman performing a skill. The work was made in response to Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Room of One’s Own’ in order to reflect on woman as a potentially active and knowledgeable subject rather than a normative site of objectification.

Video by Richard Brunner of Idion Films http://www.idionfilms.com


Eva Hesses's Studio Work, Visual Thinking 01: A collaboration between Kate Davis and the Subjectivities & Feminisms research group. Camden Arts Centre, London, UK (2010)

Basement Gallery, Stomper, Whistling in the Dark, Shoreditch Town hall, London, UK (2011)

Stomper, Flash Nights Showcase, Kings ARI Gallery, Melbourne – Australia (2012)


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A Room of One's Own

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