Will it Hurt? Interactive Multimedia Environment

The happening, an interactive multimedia environment, explored human/machine connections - interrelationatily - glitch and the remixing of realities. Miniature surveillance cameras were worn like gloves by participants and performers, the image capture from these were displayed live via projections and on a monitor. Participants could also express their experience of the happening on a microphone and this was transcribed onto a Word document and projected live. Sound was translated and captured live from the magnetic field of the different technological equipment in the environment and remixed live by sound designer Jose Sanchez Rivas.

The performers, dressed in white, were Dr Coromoto Power, Cat Harrison, Karl Inglis, Alan Framil, and Sam Clorely. Daniel Stepney recorded the happening on video.


‘Kiss Me, Miss Me, 15 Minute Factory’, Rag Factory, London (2009)

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