(f)low visibility - Interactive Multimedia Installation

The artwork involved an environment made up different gynaecological instruments and sculptures representing monstrous fragments of feminine bodies. These bodies were affixed with miniature surveillance cameras connected to live projections in the space. Participants were invited to explore the environment whilst wearing a camera, a cyborg prosthetic on their middle finger, to activate a mode of haptic tactile viewing. The feeds from participants’ cameras were projected live onto a screen in the space visible to them.

The artwork was installed by Craig Clare, and Dr Coromoto Power and Karl Inglis dressed participants with the miniature cameras. Photography by Alan Framil. Thanks to Dr Maria Walsh, Dr Mo Throp, David TG, Alan TG, and Carla Batson. Richard Brunner of Idion Films recorded the artwork on video http://www.idionfilms.com


Torture Garden, seOne nightclub, London (2008)

‘Uncharted Stories’, Triangle Gallery, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London (2009)

‘Saludos Amigos’, the Outside World Gallery, London (2009)


(f)low visibility

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